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. they planch to play -- plan to play some of his music. we will bring you more at 6:00 p.m. live in san jose, cara liu, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> in san francisco, a bicyclist accused of killing a pedestrian appeared in court this morning. he pleaded not guilty to a charge. prosecutors say he ran a red light last march and hit a man. but defense attorneys claim it was the pedestrian who entered the intersection prematurely. >>> also in court, a woman accused of kicking a toddler. she pleaded not guilty to the charges against her. police say she kicked the girl in the chest for no reason. the toddler did not suffer serious injuries. she is do in court next week. >>> contra costa county finished its investigation into the death of a police officer. he shot and killed him last september on interstate 680. according to the report released today he was diagnosed with dipolar disorder. the gun he used was legally purchased and registered to him. there was no indication he was going to kill a law enforcement officer. >>> judge agreed to resign. 58-year-old judge paul seeman is accused of stealing a
killed in the line of duty. >> good evening. first breaking news out of san jose. a little more than an hour ago police found a man stabbed to death. news chopper 2 is above the scene at guadalupe park. we know the victim is a man. police believe he's in his late teens or early 20s. we do have a crew on the way. as soon as they get new information, we'll bring it to you. >>> now back to that public viewing today for the two police officers killed in the line of duty. one person said he just felt compelled to go and pay his respects, even though he didn't know either of them personally. robert honda is in santa cruz and tells us why the family wanted the viewing even though there was a huge public memorial being held tomorrow. robert? >> reporter: well we are at santa cruz memorial and this is a place where people are laid to rest and those who live on come to pay their respects. that is happening right now for the two slain officers. less than two hours ago people lined up to go inside the santa cruz memorial chapel for the viewing of police officers baker and butler. their caskets w
the jeep. san jose police say the suspect is a white woman in her 30s wearing a dark top and pants and with dark hair in a bun. she was carrying a target shopping bag. there is a target store nearby but that store was not open at the time. ktvu channel 2 news is staying in touch with police as they search for the suspect. follow us on twitter where we will tweet any updates including an arrest in the se. >>> good samaritans tried to help victims of a vehicle accident. >> allie rasmus tells thus suv was -- tells thus suv was upside down in the water. >> two lane highway. this is state route 4, the site of a fatal accident this morning. before 10:00 a.m. a male driver in a toyota and his passenger ended up trapped in their suv upside in water. >> the vehicle drifted off the shoulder to the right. crossed through the right shoulder area and down into a drainage. >> we were trying to help them out. >> i got a bar here, i handed it over to those guys trying to open the door. >> reporter: but they couldn't get to the victims in time. they were pronounced dead at the scene. people are fam
was in the suspect's car. now, in the last hour, we've determined that car is registered to a man from san jose. we still don't know whether this victim and the suspect knew each other or what led deputies to shoot and kill the suspect, just moments after they rescued the woman about 20 miles from here in geronville. this was our first look at the suspect's toyota, windows blown out as a tow truck hauled it away this afternoon. a wild chase and deadly confrontation with deputies ended in this wooded area of geronville off highway 116 after 11:00 last night. >> i suspect that he knew where he was going and was trying to evade the police. >> reporter: bob reeves owns the house nearby, but didn't know what happened until this morning. last night, investigators say a woman sent a text message to a friend in san rafael that she had been kidnapped. >> that she was concerned for her safety and being driven to sonoma county against her will. >> reporter: more text messages helped deputies spot the suspect's car on geronville road in santa rosa, setting off a high speed chase through winding roads. it ended
played taps. the procession left san jose's hp pavilion and headed back to santa cruz. the procession has come from santa cruz to san jose passing under massive american trucks draped over two fire trucks. from santa cruz to san jose we have coverage. we begin with robert handa who was inside for the memorial where there were tears and some laughter as the community said goodbye robert. >>> it was a very moving event that was held here inside the arena. i can tell you with the sadness of their loss it was an emotionally wrenching experience as well. >> 172, santa cruz. >> no response. >> with a final police dispatch call and no response from officers butch baker and elizabeth butler thousands of people said goodbye and thank you to the fallen police officers with a message that they would never be forgotten. santa cruz native who knew them as a security sang. >> we were just a couple of knuckle head guys and suddenly we began old. >> reporter: but laughter turned to tears as the officers children spoke. >> daddy, happy father's day and what a daddy you have been. >> keith would you like t
was not effected. >>> in san jose police are investigating the 9th homicide this year. a man was found shot to death 40:30 a.m -- 4:30 a.m. this morning within walking distance of a school. police say the victim lived in the neighborhood and they say the shooting was related to an earlier fight that neighbors reported hearing. >> there was an argument about 2:00 a.m. and now we find a body. >> no arrests have been made and police haven't identified any suspected. >>> the california highway patrol is investigating a head on crash. it caused highway 92 to be shut down after 6:00 a.m. a driver westbound tried to pass a big rig but the driver didn't see a on coming truck and crashed into it. the driver was killed. >>> police charnelled a man in -- charged a man in connection with this crash that killed three people. denis pereirade macedo was booked into the county jail on murder and hit and run charges. he was found uninjured near the crash site. his car broad sided the victim's car. all three were pronounced dead tea scene. >>> -- at the scene. >>> high school was placed on lock down this aft
was pronounced dead at the scene. police are treating the case as a homicide. >>> san jose police have released a sketch of the woman wanted in yesterday's child kidnapping. the woman drove away with the 11-month-old girl in a stolen jeep liberty after the mother went in to the house for a moment. the little girl was found sava long with that vehicle about five miles away. the kidnapper is described as latino, about 160-pounds, about 38 to 45. >> san jose police are investigating a deadly traffic accident involving a single vehicle. it happened about two on monterey highway. investigators say an initial investigation shows the vehicle was traveling southbound on monterey highway at a high rate of speed when the driver lost control and smashed into a building. the identity of the driver has not yet been released. he was declared dead at the scene. >>> in san jose an early morning accident left hundreds in the dark. it happened about five at the intersection of coleman avenue just thought of taylor. the outaga was caused when a street sweeper hit a power pole. pg&e said power has been restored t
. >>> san jose police are looking for a light colored suv involved in a drive by shooting. the shooting happened just before 8:00 last night on hopkins drive. school leaders ran outside when they heard the shots and offered help to the victim. he suffered at least one gunshot wound and is expected to recover. school officials say they believe he may have been a former student at fisher but the shooting was not school related. >> it didn't involve the activities on campus. wasn't directed at the school. we have lots of staff here this morning to make sure that the school gets off to a smooth start. >> police are looking into gang connections. they're checking on two or three individuals who were with the victim when he was shot. >>> the changes to hayward streets is only days old and the city is already hearing from people. the project has converted two way streets to one way traffic. some drivers say the changes are confusing and dangerous. they say there's not enough warning before they encounter on coming traffic. ktvu asked a city official about that today and he says overhead signs
. he was a wonderful pope. a nice way to recognize. >> san jose is set to hold a special mass tonight. >>> police caught the man in connection with a triple homicide. ammar harris was arrested today by a team of police and federal agents in north hollywood. ammar harris fired five shots into a maserati killing kenneth wayne cherry jr. the maserati slammed into a taxi killing two others. he has an extensive criminal history. >>> police are looking for those involved in a shooting. shots rang out after 10:30 a.m. this morning. just a couple blocks away from the bart station. investigators say no one was injured, though two vehicles were hit by bullets. >>> police have a suspect in custody following a fatal stabbing this afternoon, it happened at a home in what police describe as a quiet neighborhood. someone called 911 about a person with stab wounds. by the time officers arrived the victim had already died. police then took another man into custody who was running from the area. >> we are still talking to witnesses and trying to determine what caused the altercation. we have somebody s
a u.s. marine to the san jose police force, one of dozens of stories at the police academy graduated a new closs. how this graduation comes after years of cut backs. >> 43 men and women entered this hall as civilians and they lefts asworn police officer. this is san jose police academy class 18. two women and 41 men marched into park side hall to graduate after the toughest six months of their lives. >> i prefer to think of the last six months and what we have accomplished. we're peace officers, we're realizing our dreams. >> it will be a big honor to be a part of this. 33-year-old matthew barerra joined the department after spending years in the marine corps. i've seen evil, i know what it can do. it have will be fun letting bad guys know who's in charge. it will be a welcome addition to the streets of san jose. >> so things have gotten better and we're so grateful we can hire more officers and to see the new, young recruits excited is a good thing. >> considering there were 140 resignations in the past with the years if union is not optimistic. as far as being an loyer and under th
the driver of a stolen car. later that day in san jose, police opened fire on a man fleeing from officers at about 3:30 in the afternoon. then in union city, police there killed the suspect at about 10:00 last night. a few hours later, in neighboring hayward, another suspect was shot and killed by police early this morning. ktvu's allie rasmus is live. >> he started out heading this direction toward us. the car drove through this island here. if you take a look at the pavement you can see some of the scrape marks where the hub cap scraped the concrete. it jumped the curve and crashed in to the post on the corner. >> reporter: a tow truck hauled an older model honda away from the crash scene. arthur packman is in jail. >> the officer responded to a threat. what could have happened differently is the driver could have complied. >> reporter: at 3:30 this morning hayward police say an officer tried to pull over packman for speeding but he didn't stop. >> we don't know why other than he didn't want to stay and talk to the officer i guess. >> reporter: police followed the honda to watkins and f
. >> reporter: in san jose, carol lou. >>> in the last half hour the san francisco symphony announced it was canceling a tour due to the ongoing musician strike. the musicians reject ad proposal by a mediator to resume performances by a cooling off period. today's performance was the fourth straight concert to be canceled since the musicians went on strike on wednesday. the performers are upset over propels by management to freeze their pay with a 1% increase the next two years. >>> grammy winning rapper collapsed on stage last night during a concert in iowa. [ music ] ♪ be my queen if you know what i mean ♪ >> his real name is anthony terrell smith with his hit wild thing. concert goers say paramedics attended to the rapper as he lay on the stage. there are reports he suffer ad seizure but his representative has not committed on his condition. he collapsed on stage once back in 2009 and again in 2011. in the meantime rapper lil' wayne continues to recover from a seizure he suffered on friday. nicki minaj, drake and birdman paid him visits in the hospital over the weekend. repor
face 10 years in prison. he is scheduled to return to court later this month. >>> san jose police have arrested a man in connection with a fatal stabbing at a parking. police say 20-year-old vincent gallegos killed 37-year-old eric white. news chopper 2 was over the scene when white's body was found in guadalupe oak grove park. police say they don't believe it was gang related. >>> tonight we're getting a better picture of the damage done to berkeley's penny's restaurant in an early morning fire. allie rasmus live with the latest on the fire. >> reporter: to my right you can see some of the wooden boards where they're getting ready to board up the broken windows here. they're canceling all of the reservations at least through march 23rd. the restaurant will be shut down because of the fire. there were lots of hugs. >> it definitely touches me deeply. i care about this neighborhood and businesses. i mean it's just our 41st year. >> reporter: the fire broke out at 3: 3: 3:00 this morning. it started underneath the business. >> where the fire originated there's some electrical equipment
by san jose police is expected to survive. this is the city's third officer involved shooting this month. it happened yesterday afternoon after police stopped the stolen car. investigators say the woman driving put the car in reverse and then drove towards the officers. one officer was struck by the car but got off a shot that hit the woman. the officer was hurt but he will be okay. >>> new night at 5:00 p.m., a break in involving several cases of wine. ktvu's john sasaki sin san francisco and tells us this wine was worth a lot of money. john? >> reporter: frank, that is right. this is a $5 bottle and each bottle was worth 200 times that amount. details are sketchy but it was tuesday that someone broke into this building in san francisco and into fine wines international. they stole 80 80 bottles of wine, more than $100,000. they have been here for more than 30 years. their less pricy bottles cost $20,000 a case and one costs $37,000 a case. police are trying to find out if this was a crime of opportunity or something else. >> when someone breaks in, you never know what they will get and
he was on the court in san jose and the third round of the ncaa tournament. michael carter williams' family was watching the game in the family home north of boston. nobody was hurt and investigators believe the fire started in a wood stove outside. later williams used twitter to update everybody and thanked everybody for prayers and said all that is important is that my family is okay. >>> take a look at this, a couple rescued from a car on top of a roof. coming up, we will explain how it got there. >> plus, we have a winner, winning powerball ticket and where the winning ticket was sold, stay tuned. . >>> los angeles couple had to be rescued with a ladder after they ended up on their roof. he was pulling out of his car and the car went airborne and landed on his roof. they are on a steep curvy hillside and they had to lift it off the roof, nobody was hurt. >>> he was thrown from a car on busy downtown freeway. the man was thrown out of the vehicle in the fast lane yesterday evening. they don't know if he was shot inside the car or somewhere else. they are now searching forget away
this is still a very active crime scene. during the past hour, san jose police units have been adding more and more patrol units to the neighborhood. now again, a scene that you saw a little bit earlier. students being escorted from peter burnett middle school on heading. and these students were not in a locked down situation. but police thought for their safety they should be moved because they are basically in the midst of the search area. and we're going to be able to show you some of the scene where investigators have been collecting evidence. but we have to tell you that we did get here just minutes after it happened so it was a gruesome scene. an ambulance rushed the stabbing victim away just after 3:00 she died half an hour later. just before that they saw her arguing with a man in the parking lot next to the togo's restaurant. soon her clothes and belongings went flying as the man began stabbing her. we talked to one of the witnesses a togo's employee shortly after she talked to the police officers about the horrifying attack. >> if you can just see him stabbing the girl. she was
they are considering. >> i just stepped out of the san jose city council meeting where the council inside approved a plan to address homelessness. which members say they hope leads to a solution and not just a quick fix to the problems. the fields near san jose airport that once held a large homeless camp are clear of tents today, security guards parole to keep homeless from coming back. >> they are just moving people from one spot to another. they are giving no help. >> the city council considered a wide range of proposals to find a solution to the homeless situation. the council plan emphasizes a regional multiagency approach to finding permanent, affordable housing, such as converting buildings for rental and sale. a long line of community group said the city needs their expertise. >> there are really good infrastructures and relationships and a system that we have developed that we know works and the time is now to bring it to scale. >> can we use old hotels in a new way? can we use the current stock we have more effectively? >> it could cost $27 million for housing considered in the pipe
hp pavilion, now many people are asking for how long. it started as san jose and later became the compact center until hewlett packard agreed to call it. pavilion. >> i call it the tank. i always call it the tank. . >> the contract is for a few more years. if sap wants to step up, that's good for us. >> reporter: you haven't heard anything official yet right? >> all we have is talk. >> reporter: naming rights has been an important element in santa clara. many have expressed best. >> if lure looking for stadium -- if you're looking for stadium rights, stadium is pretty good to put your number on. >> reporter: san jose marketing guru ann orloff is baffled. >> this is the capital you would think they will do everything possible to hold on to it. >> reporter: we have been told the city is already starting to discuss what it might be do if hp decides it wantings out before the contract expires at the end of 2015. >> robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> a massive international effort as uncovered 80 genetic markers that indicates a person tendency for certain types of cancer.
's defendnily doable in this market on these dayses. >> reporter: the teams and san jose will be seen by millions throughout television land. >> this is a great advertisement for the city of san jose to show case itlf as a major player in athletics and a major player as a city in the united states. >> with the hockey season being cut in half, march madness brings merchants madness. >> we get more people to work. >> much bigger than any sort of event that goes on hp typically. could be bigger than a sharks game. they will be coming over all day long. >> reporter: local businesses lost at least one-third of their businesses during the nhl lockout. >> >> you can view the brackets for the ncaa 2a tournament by going to our website. >>> nfl agreed to settle a lawsuit brought by the league's players, the players claim that the league used their names and money without their permission. the settlement create as new licensing agency to make sure retirees are compensated when their names are used. >> >> talk about a couple of champions. lindsay von confirmed she's is dating tiger woods of the
fire started at a high school in san jose. it broke out about 12. 30 yesterday afternoon at independence high school on educational park drive. the flames damage add lunchroom and about 15 school offices. there have been at least four suspicious fires at that school in just the past eight months. >> it's very frustrating. we do have cameras, and we have turned it over to san jose pd and they're going to see if they can help us. >> the fire appears to have started outside at an area where vending machines are located. >>> congress is preparing for what could be another financial crisis. house leaders just released a short-term proposal to avoid a government shutdown on march 27th. this plan would give the pentagon more flexibility in deciding how to administer the automatic -- automatic budget cut that is took effect last friday. it would keep funding at other ajenisis at last year's levels. all sides say a government shutdown is not the answer. >> our goal when we put together a budget is not just to make the numbers add up. our goal is also to reignite the true engine of
. a 2-inch gas main this afternoon collapsed because of construction work. it happened at san jose avenue and duncan street near st. luke's hospital. now we just spoke to a pg & e official who says the pipe broke after a construction crew dug a deep trench without shoring up the wall. the pipe twisted and broke. this all happened around 3:15 and pg & e crews stopped the flow of gas in about an hour. the evacuations and shelter in place order were lifted in the last hour. streets in the area have also been reopened but four apartment buildings are without gas but repairs should be finished by 7:00 tonight. >>> now back to the death of venezuelan president hugo chavez. he's been sick for some time and he was only 58 years old. robert handa is live with the reaction of the venezuelan community here. >> reporter: well today that atmosphere shifted a bit as news came that the venezuelan leader had died. today venezuela's vice president lashed out at the country's enemy. chavez's declining health loomed over the country. >> there was this feeling that he really was already dead. but the
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involved shooting. now we know it's tied to a homicide in san jose. he was driving this white honda that was toed toed from the scene. we reported last night the sheriff department said police officers tried to stop men in the white honda. it crashed into several parked cars when they tried to escape. a neighbor said this is what he saw. >> several undercover police chasing him on foot running along behind the car yelling at him to stop. then all of a sudden i heard about three shots, three or four shots and then the car veered to the right and hit another suv. >> reporter: we learned the officers did not just happen to see the stolen vehicle but had the driver under surveillance because he's in connection with a homicide in san jose. that case is the reason investigators have not released the name of the man shot last night. a woman who said she is a sister of that guy only wanted to comment on the family's sadness and anger. >> the cops didn't have to kill him. they didn't have to shoot him and kill h
the killer likely dumped his body there. he was last seen at the park lane lounge in san jose. he was with people at the time. >>> home prices dipped from january to february. prices are still up over last year. the median price last month was $405,000. that is down from 415,000. in february 2012, it was $325,000. sales were flat last month and a third of the sales involved investors paying cash. >> the shopping center has been sold for $100 million. that is 20 million more than they paid in 2010. the new owner isn't planning immediate changes. the complex includes a movie authority to and bed bath and beyond. >>> samsung unveiled its latest phone, the galaxy s4. it is slimmer and lighter than the s3. and has a 5-inch high definition screen. the galaxy galaxy s4 can stop and start videos based on whether someone is looking at the screen. all service providers will be selling the phone. >>> california water officials released the first part of the sacramento-san joaquin delta plan. it would protect the ecosystem and guarantee a stable water supply. a tunnel project it will carry wa
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scientific in san jose. >>> the white house said north korea is deepening the isolation with the latest round of threats against the united states. kim jung un said that they are ready "to settle accounts with the u.s. "some analysts say mr. kim is likely just posturing. >> the north koreaians don't want a war but clearly, they want to provoke, and that may be for domestic consumption for a young new leader consolidating his approximation or winning the support of the military or for purposes of trying to coercely plea bargain. >> and the north koreans held a massive rally in the capitol. >>> authorities in morgan hill have uncovered what they are calling a sophisticated marijuana growing operation. take a look. they seized nearly 2800 marijuana plants and 30 pounds of processed marijuana from a warehouse. detectives say that they had an elaborate air filtration and reduction system. a 32-year-old faces felony charges. investigators say daniel segel did not obtain a business license. >>> and our washington, d.c. bureau has confirmed that the nine supreme court justices met in secret today in
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